Members of the SPOT can use APIs to expand their trading capabilities (Application Program Interface). API is a set of data formats that allows members to create their own software to connect to the SPOT and transact with it. This service is known as the Computer-to-Computer Link (CTCL), and it is only available to SPOT trade members and registered ISVs.

Members can utilise their own software that is tailored to their specific needs, such as on-line transaction analysis, risk management tools, and back-office connection. A member who uses CTCL can have complete control over his or her trading activities and provide an effective and efficient service to all of his or her local and remote customers. Members can also obtain CTCL software from independent software providers who have registered with the SPOT.

Members must get an API document from the SPOT in order to develop CTCL software in-house. This paper explains the protocol that CTCL software will use to interface with the SPOT's Trading System and acts as a user development guide.

The member is in charge of the CTCL configuration. This would include purchasing application software, hardware, and setting up a network, among other things .